Afghanistan 1973 - Herat to Kabul and Bamiyan

The Holland Track in Western Australia

This records a trip along the four wheel drive track which runs from Hyden to Coolgardie in Western Australia.

The track was laid down in 1893 by John Holland and originally ran from Broomhill to Coolgardie as an alternative to the route directly from Perth. It enabled miners and others to travel from the southwest of Western Australia without the long diversion to Perth.

The present day track runs for 260km from Hyden, known best for Wave Rock, through to Coolgardie where it joins the main road to Kalgoorlie. It is mostly straight forward unless it has rained when there are some more difficult stretches. It is maintained by a local 4wd club and all it's users respect the track and leave the regular camp sites in pristine condition for the next camper.

It was also spring and the wildflowers were outstanding. These can be found in another gallery. Check out Flowers of Western Australia

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